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Muslim Wedding Cinematography

Akeel & Faiza

Faiza wore a beautiful burgundy bridal outfit with intricate hand stiched gold embroidery. Akeel looked equally handsome in his matching sherwani as he arrived in his open top Jag with the bharaat who then entered the venue to the beat of dhol. He was greeted and garlanded by the bride's family as he was welcomed into the venue.

The wedding took place at De Vere Wokefield Estate, a stunning venue where we have covered many events. It's an 18th century Mansion House in the English county of Berkshire. Set in 250 acres of parkland with manicured gardens and a picturesque lake. The celebration took place in the Maple Suite.

Akeel & Faiza were married in accordance with Islamic traditions. The ceremony is called the nikaah and it is performed by the Imam. As part of the ceremony he recited a beautiful quote from the Quran on marriage:

Among His signs is that He created for you mates from among yourselves, in order to have tranquility with them and He put love and mercy between your (hearts): verily in that are signs for those who reflect.” Quran Ar-Rum [30:21] 

The celebrations carried on late into the evening. Some amazing food was served by Sapna Caterers. 

Finally, the Rukhsati took place, when the groom and his family left together with the bride. A really emotional moment for the bride's parents as it marked her departure from their home to start her new married life.

Kasim and Hina

The civil ceremony took place at Moor Park Mansion, a magnificent mansion set within 300 acres of landscaped gardens. A really impressive venue where we have covered many weddings. The team at Moor Park provided a great service and were very helpful.

The nikaah and reception took place a couple of weeks later at Newland Manor, another one of our favourite venues to film at. As you enter through the gate and then drive down the sweeping driveway there is the 17th Century Manor House. Additionally there is the white diamond suite where the drinks reception and later the desert buffet were held and there is the Black Diamond Suite where the nikaah ceremony and celebrations took place.


A bit about Kasim, he loves cars - that is a huge understatement. He arrived in a white Rolls Royce Phantom and in his entourage were the most supercars we've ever seen at a wedding including Ferraris, Porsches, Mercs and his favourite - 6 Lamborghinis. It made quite a sight as they drove towards the manor house accompanied by three amazing dhol players. Luckily we had bought our drone operator along to capture his amazing entrance from the air as well. 

There was some great entertainment for the guests including a magician, fun photo booth, desert buffett, fruit bar, chocolate fountain, ice cream stand, fresh waffle station and dhol players.  However, the best entertainer was Trav Saxingh - a fabulously talented sax player who performed some amazing pieces during the cake cutting and first dance.



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