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Maiyan Ceremony

The wedding festivities commenced with Keert's maiyan ceremony, an integral pre-wedding ritual in Sikh weddings. It was a happy and intimate occasion where a paste called Vatna was applied to the bride's skin. The yellow Vatna not only gave the bride's skin a radiant glow but also symbolized blessings, happiness, and purity.

Chunni Ceremony

During the Chunni ceremony, Michael's family presented Keert with a beautiful headscarf or chunni, symbolizing their blessings and acceptance of her into their family.


The Sangeet was a lively musical event where Keert's family and friends gathered to sing, dance, and celebrate. Led by Reena Kaur, a traditional Punjabi folk singer known for her soulful performances, the songs evoked a range of emotions, creating an evening of joy and entertainment.

Choora Ceremony

In the Choora ceremony, Keert adorned a set of traditional bangles, also known as "choora." The choora was brought by the maternal side of the family and was first cleansed with milk and rose water, signifying purity, before being blessed by her close family members and friends.

The Choora ceremony held deep emotional significance for Keert and her family. The choora symbolized the beginning of a new chapter as a newly married woman, believed to bring good luck and blessings to the bride, while also representing love and acceptance into her marital family.


The Jago ceremony was a lively and vibrant pre-wedding ritual. The highlight was a beautifully decorated pot or pitcher called "Jago." Keert's friends and family formed a joyous procession, accompanied by musicians playing traditional instruments and singing folk songs.

The Jago party added excitement and merriment to the pre-wedding celebrations. It served as a way to announce the upcoming wedding to the community and provided an opportunity for families and friends to come together, bond, and enjoy each other's company before the big day.

The Wedding

Michael and Keert made the decision to hold their Sikh wedding at Guru Nanak Gurdwara, Willenhall. The ceremony was a beautiful blend of cultural traditions and spiritual rituals, creating a meaningful and joyous celebration.

The day commenced early at 4 am with bridal hair and makeup. By 7am Keert looked stunning in her traditional Indian bridal attire, featuring a captivating design combining vibrant shades of red and gold crafted from luxurious fabrics adorned with intricate embroidery, zari (gold thread), and embellishments.

The red colour symbolised auspiciousness, love, and commitment, while the gold represented prosperity, opulence, and beauty. Completing her look, Keert adorned herself with intricate jewellery, including a statement gold and green necklace, earrings, bangles, several ornate headpieces, and a nath (nose ring).

At 9 am, Michael and his family and friends (the Bharaat) filled the streets with the lively sounds of musicians and enthusiastic dancing as they made their way towards the Gurdwara. Upon their arrival, the groom's side was warmly welcomed, and traditional ceremonies like Ardas and milnis took place before a delightful breakfast, filled with flavor, colour, and spice, was served.

Once the couple, along with their family and friends, gathered in the main wedding hall in the presence of the Guru Granth Sahib (the Sikh holy scripture), the central wedding ceremony, the Anand Karaj, meaning "Blissful Union," took place.

After the completion of the Anand Karaj ceremony, Michael and Keert were officially married according to Sikh traditions. Seeking blessings from the congregation, the wedding concluded with the singing of traditional Sikh hymns and a final Ardaas.

The Reception

The grand and opulent reception took place at the Prestige Suite, seamlessly blending traditional Indian customs with the modern elegance of the venue. The spacious and versatile event space was perfectly suited to accommodate the large gathering of guests.

The highlight of the reception was the sumptuous Indian feast, featuring a diverse spread of appetisers, main courses, and mouth-watering desserts that delighted all the guests.

Entertainment was a vibrant fusion of traditional Indian music and contemporary tunes played by the DJ (@Kudosmusic). Additionally, there were live performances by @beatsalliance and an amazing live bhangra performance by @lionsbhangra. The guests enthusiastically hit the dance floor, celebrating the joyous occasion with exuberant dance and merriment.

The reception at Prestige Suite was a splendid blend of Indian traditions, delectable cuisine, and modern elegance, creating an unforgettable celebration.

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