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We began the day by meeting Uppy and Virinder at Jubilee Park, just a quick 30-second walk from the venue, for some lovely couple photos and video in their first outfit.

Soon after, the wedding took place on the mezzanine level, creating an intimate atmosphere with sentimental readings from their dear family and friends before they exchanged their vows.

Following the ceremony, we captured family photos overlooking the scenic south dock during the drinks reception. The couple then changed into their custom-designed reception attire, which perfectly reflected their adventurous and bold personalities. Their unique outfits truly showcased their outgoing and fearless nature.

The reception was an opulent affair, artfully blending traditional Indian customs with the modern elegance of the East Winter Garden, a spacious and versatile event space that perfectly accommodated the large gathering of guests. We had positioned our crane operator in such a way that he could perfectly film the couples entrance, cake cutting and first dance as well as the rest of the evening. 

To set the mood, a blend of traditional Indian music and modern tunes filled the air as the DJ encouraged everyone to hit the dance floor and celebrate the joyous occasion with exuberance.

Their wedding at East Winter Garden was a splendid fusion of Indian traditions, delectable cuisine, and contemporary elegance. 

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